Case Studies

Don’t take our word for it. See how Mymedia have supported the growth of companies world-wide via our unique technologies


TTRANSPERFECT is the largest privately owned language services company in the world. They report 24 years or consecutive revenue growth now reaching over $500m with offices in over 90 cities worldwide. Since 2006 Mymedia has supported their growth by delivering highly customised marketing solutions in Europe, Asia and North America.

Our event management platform Event Buddy is used to run successful trade, internal and bespoke events programme of over 200 events each year. To see a product overview click here.

Our direct mail platform is used by 400 sales people to localise, produce and distribute high quality direct mail pieces in 16 languages globally.

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World First

WORLD FIRST is a fast growing payment platform boasting over $10 billion’s worth of transactions and a global marketing and sales teams.

Their goal was to be a first mover in the new fast paced e-commerce market in China. Mymedia’s Event Buddy platform was used by regional sales teams throughout China to identify opportunities, collaborate with marketing teams and increase revenue. It was a completely new ball game; new products, a new market, new cultures and language. Real time collaboration between sales and marketing we a key success factor.

China has now became World Firsts fasting growing market.

"As a world-leading organisation, the day-to-day is fast paced, we look for partners who can keep up and adapt to our business needs while making improvements along the way. A major obstacle Event Buddy helped us overcome was to replace our event planning tools; Outlook and Excel, with a new platform to support our global event programme backed with great customer service."
Jabu Henson, Global Head of Operations, World First

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